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11-5506-0 #299 ELECTRIC FREIGHT O

11-5506-0 #299 ELECTRIC FREIGHT O
11-5506-0 #299 ELECTRIC FREIGHT O
Price: Scale: O
Quantity: Manufacturer: MTH ELECTRIC TRAINS


TRADITIONAL ELECTRIC TRAIN SET. Introduced in 1927, the 254E was the first in a new line of Lionel "O" gauge locomotives that came equipped with a Lionel Distance Control Super-Motor. This heavily stylized recreation of Milwaukee Roads famous EP-2 Bipolar, boasted a 0-B-0 wheel arrangement and a die cast zinc frame. The original 254E's body was stamped from a single piece of steel, setting it apart from the 150-series locomotives, which were typically made of a four-piece frame. Through 1934 these powerful locomotives hauled "twice as many cars as any other make". Equipped with operating couplers, two electric headlights, and a reversing controller, the 254E was designed by Lionel "with one thought in mind-to develop as much hauling power as size permits, and to be absolutely free of operating difficulties". At 10" long and 41/2" high and painted olive green, this locomotive was the first in this series. Through 1929 the 254E had nickel journal boxes, brass pantographs, inserts, whistle, and number plates, disk wheels, and a cast headlight. Greatly enhancing the value, outfit No. 299 included the 254E engine, as well as the No. 814 boxcar, 812 gondola car, the No. 813 cattle car, and the No. 817 caboose. When this set was introduced in 1929 it also came with eight sections of OC curved track, six sections of OS straight track, one controlling rheostat, and No. 068 warning signal, and one OTC "Lockon" connection. This set allowed boys to "see the amount of realistic detail embodied in these splendid O gauge trains". Features Set Features • All-Metal Steam Locomotive • 3-Car Freight Consist • 12 Piece RealTrax Oval • Lighted Lockon • 50-watt Power Supply With Controller • RailWare DVD Locomotive Features: • Die-Cast Chassis • Stamped Metal Boiler & Tender • Bild-A-Loco Motor • Mechanical E-Unit • Operating Headlight • All-Metal Wheels and Gears • Locomotive Measure: Freight Cars Feature: • Stamped Steel Bodies • All-Metal 4-Wheel Trucks • Automatic Metal Box Couplers • Colorful, Attractive Paint Schemes • Metal Wheels and Axles

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